IMPoME Students Learned RME in Sriwijaya University

The two interesting topics are introduced, such as ratio and proportion and geometry of vision line, by the dutchs as lectures from Utrecht University. They are Jaap den Hertog and Aad Godjjin who give didactical and mathematical lecture and pure mathematics of geometry, respectively. The activity held by Master Program of Mathematics Education of Sriwijaya University for three days, start from September 7 to 9, 2009. In that activity, some IMPoME students learned about how to construct their knowledge and to apply it into some situations known as context. Following figure to show how the students and Jaap discussed everything about ratio and proportionality.

By the activity, the students tried to get the understanding process of the role of realistic mathematics education. In that case, they tried to construct some problems by using RME as instructional approach how to make up the problems in context.
Besides that, the students also learned about geometry of vision line. Sometimes, we don’t know if we were working by doing mathematics. By studying about geometry of vision line, we can know some activities are related with geometry, one kind of mathematics. Following picture to show how Aad and the students to make practice about geometry of vision line.


Now, we have already known about RME, especially mathematics as human activity. By doing in three-day activity, we students understood why mathematics is very funny and enjoyable.

Thank’s Jaap, Thank’s Aad, I hope we will meet you later.


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