Learning for Tomorrow’s Indonesia


According to first result from PISA 2003, only uncertainty that Indonesia shows the relationship between performances on two scales, pointing to the “stronger” of the two. Space and shape, quantity, and change and relationships are the problem now that we have to concern to solve by developing student’s learning as well as international assessment guideline. After constructing some problems based on characteristics of PISA, then we tried out at SMPN 1 Palembang, the problem of students is uncertainty. It has no response in full credit from 30 students who followed the test. In the other hand, many of students answered about quantity of advertisement, then 15 students get full credit for question 1 and question 2, respectively. It means that the problem of Indonesian students right now that focus on what kind of problem that they understand. The solution for problem like that, we should make many problems of PISA and try out to the student until they felt the advantage by working in it. Report Try Out Problems of PISA


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