English for Mathematics

EfM (English for Mathematics) that can we mention the course for students in Math Department of State University of Makassar. Actually, what it is, it is a different thing from GE (General English), even though GE is usually used every time and everywhere you speak English. It doesn’t meant that EfM is not GE, special Math GE. So, learning about EfM still make positive relationship to GE and it is needed for everybody to develop this kind of English.

And that what will be discussed in EfM should be something interesting and triggering curiosity for everybody, not only whom depends their lives on mathematics, but also practitioners who have intentions to add their vocabulary about mathematics, exactly. Look at my uploaded documents below.

Mathwords A

Mathwords B

Mathwords C

Mathwords D

Mathwords E

Mathwords F

Mathwords G

Mathwords H

Mathwords I

Mathwords J

Mathwords K

Mathwords L

Mathwords M

Mathwords N

Mathwords O

Mathwords P

Mathwords Q

Mathwords R

Mathwords S

Mathwords T

Mathwords U

Mathwords V

Mathwords W

Mathwords X

Mathwords Y

Mathwords Z

Good luck and have a nice reading!


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