Trends and Issues in Mathematics Education

Trends and issue in mathematics education is a lesson of ICP class that students are going to explore in sophisticated and complexity knowledge about discourse of mathematics education. Although it is not enough time to identify many topics in mathematics education, students will be easy to understand some strands in this blog. This page appears as alternative guide to make direction narrowly and clearly. There are some aspects that this lesson pertains in order to fulfill students’ needs, such as appropriate material, developed issue, integrated competence, and applicable creation.

Having said those aspects, students in this lesson class will be engaged actively to construct their ideas about mathematics education. However, it is too wider discussing mathematics education than dividing into some parts, then in the last part compiled by rearranging the sorted pages.

Firstly, appropriate material, students will talk about the issue of curriculum 2013 in which they should browse into some references and make summary about the aim and how to apply in real context.

Secondly, developed issue, there are some issues that not only interesting, but also relevant to mathematical setting. So, it is good as supported knowledge of learning mathematics. Those can be found into some sites following that:

  1. Early years learning framework
  2. Thematic-integrated teaching

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